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Books by Jim LaPierre, LCSW, CCS

The Best Therapy

A Guide for Wounded Healers


I'm fond of saying, (emotionally) healthy people don't work in healthcare. Until I examined my expectations of myself, I couldn't escape perpetual burnout. It goes against our grain to make our own mental health a priority, but it's vital. We have to recognize a paradox central to our work: that being selfish—putting time and effort into our own well-being—makes us much more effective at helping our clients. The work we do is more in demand than ever. Our self-care and shared support needs to increase accordingly.

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Who The Fuck Are You?

It’s hard to be yourself when you aren't sure who that is.


It’s hard to be yourself when you aren't sure who that is. 


Who the Fuck are You? is a funny and practical guide for developing and transforming your identity.


The author is a seasoned mental health therapist who grew tired of hearing folks say, “I’m trying to find myself,” so he wrote a book on how to do that.
Finding yourself doesn't have to be a philosophical journey. It can be pragmatic, goal-oriented, and fun.

You're going to be with you 24/7/365. Get to know you. Get comfortable with yourself. Live the life you most want.

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