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Clinical Case Management

System Navigation

We support our clients in negotiating the red tape and hoops of various organizations known to cause great stress. 


For example, we help with navigating DHHSMaine Care applications, Food Stamps & TANF applications, as well as the Child and Family Services and/or Adult Protective Services processes.


We help with the process of applying for Social Security benefits and unemployment benefits by helping with completing packets, obtaining legal representation, and assisting with appeals. We also assist with compliance for all support programs.


Higher Ground Services assists with application and navigation of  Housing Subsidies through Section 8,  project based housing, Shelter Plus Care, BRAP, etc.


Service Connection & Coordination
Day to Day Support

Our case managers provide day to day support with management of stressors, mental health symptoms and emotion regulation. They teach and model healthy coping skills and interpersonal communication. Case mangers provide support with problem solving, decision making, and management of individual needs. Our clients are assigned a case manager who will be available to talk and meet weekly as needed. 


Below are the areas for which we provide day to day support:  


  • Housing 

  • Work 

  • School

  • Crisis/ Safety Planning

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Household 

  • Shelters

  • Living Skills

  • Peer & Family Support

  • Personal Growth

  • Socialization

We provide linkage and support in connecting with services in the community for healthcare (connecting with providers), support groups, financial resources, social programs, housing programs, and transportation services. Case managers can also attend appointments for the purposes of advocacy, assistance with establishment, or support in relaying symptoms and needs.


Below are the areas for which we provide support: 


  • Mental Health 

  • Housing

  • Transportation

  • Work 

  • Public Benefits

  • School

  • Vocational Rehabilitation 

  • Crisis/Safety Planning

  • Legal

  • Food

  • Substance Abuse

  • Clothing

  • Healthcare

  • Household dental, vision, primary care, PT, OT, etc.

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